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Vida Merela



Vida has been a member of the Fredon team since 1996. She coordinates all of the materials purchasing for the company. She closely monitors the delivery of purchases in order to maintain a consistent flow to the production departments.


Vida assists in the quoting process by providing pricing and delivery information materials and all outside processes to our manufacturing department. She ensures that all of our customer specifications and requirements are followed by our vendors and conducts quality reviews of vendors throughout the year.

Vida has been involved in the manufacturing industry since 1984.



50 years of Excellence
1969 - 2019

New Studer Grinder
We have recently added a new state of the art Studer CNC Grinder

2018 Manufacturing America’s Future  Roger J. Sustar Scholarship  & NTMA's Next Generation Scholarship Fund
2018 Notable Women in Manufacturing  Alyson Scott President,Fredon Corp